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Pure Industrial Hemp CBD (Cannabidiol) Extract

The human body produces endocannabinoids to control cell function. If the production is inefficient the physical well-being may be diminished and dis-ease may result.

The hemp plant produces Cannabinoids, which are compounds that have powerful antioxidant and neuro-protective functions and can help the body in its endocannabinoid, immune and nervous system regulation.

Rich in adaptogens, which help the body cope with stress, Cannabidiol supports memory function, promotes healthy blood flow and cell growth, is anti–inflammatory, helps calm mental stress and as research is on going more benefits will be discovered.

In a recent testimonial, it has even helped with panic attacks. Read more here.

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A recent testimonial of CBD use:

a god sent 5 Star Review

Posted by KML, Yelm, WA on 26th Jan 2017

A couple of days ago, I stopped by the Survival Center to pick up one ounce of Hemp Oil Extract 125ml
after hearing about it from a Hospice nurse who told me that many dying patients were using it with great success for a variety of symptoms. My mom had stopped eating for about a week, was unable to swallow
and became too weak to leave her bed on the day I got the oil. She was showing signs of increased dementia for about a year, and in the last couple of months started hallucinating and having anxiety/panic attacks whenever she was being cleaned up/diaper changed, or moved for any reason. These panic attacks were devastating to witness and I wanted so much for her to be relieved of them.....

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