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a god sent 5 Star Review


Posted by KML, Yelm, WA on 26th Jan 2017


A couple of days ago, I stopped by the Survival Center to pick up one ounce of Hemp Oil Extract 125ml
after hearing about it from a Hospice nurse who told me that many dying patients were using it with great success for a variety of symptoms. My mom had stopped eating for about a week, was unable to swallow
and became too weak to leave her bed on the day I got the oil. She was showing signs of increased dementia for about a year, and in the last couple of months started hallucinating and having anxiety/panic attacks whenever she was being cleaned up/diaper changed, or moved for any reason. These panic attacks were devastating to witness and I wanted so much for her to be relieved of them.

The dying process has so many twists and turns and strange and uncomfortable physical and mental symptoms that make caring for the dying very difficult especially at certain stages.

I decided to try the Hemp Oil on myself before I gave it to my mom on the first day I had it. The results were that I had a very calm day without horrible emotional sadness and a remarkable level of mental clarity too. I found myself that evening caught in rush hour traffic in a terrible rain storm South of Seattle on roads that were not familiar to me. I was astonished that I was not upset at all. I just drove very carefully and peacefully to my destination and then out of there back home which took an hour and a half. Normally I would have just collapsed in exhaustion and it would have taken days to recover from that. But-nothing! I was totally fine. I had forgotten all about the Hemp Oil in fact as it had not ramped me up or anything. I was just calm and clear.

So the next day I took it to my mom and put 3 drops on her tongue. Then a couple of hours later, I put 5 more drops inside her lower lip...then a few more drops before her diaper change-the real test. She did start to panic but my sister and I held her and she gripped our hands and calmed down right away instead of screaming and thrashing in total fear/panic. Thereafter we gave her drops about twice per day and she is calm and very bright when she wakes up from napping and has been able to sleep through the night. No hallucinating, no panic about where she is, no horrible nightmares to jabber about, no voices talking to her-just Mom-clear and bright.

Her grandchildren are coming to see her and she is able to recognize them, hold their hands, listen and respond like she is almost normal.

She started taking a few drops of water in a dropper bottle today –one day after starting the Hemp Oil Extract 125ml, and even ate a one inch piece of a popsicle-the first “food” in a week which she loved.
After two days on the Hemp Oil Extract 125ml, she is not choking, spitting or complaining about not being able to swallow.

She is more calm and peaceful, and we are so relieved and thankful.

Thanks for being there when we needed you.
Yelm, WA