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Product Description

40 Variety GARDEN SEEDS in Heavy Duty #10 size Cans.

Store your own garden seeds for future use. Keep Cool & Dry. 40 packet of 52 seed varieties of garden seeds. Heirloom, non-hybrid seeds pack. Enough for a family of 4-5 to plant a good sized garden, including enough for a seed saver section ( plant some just for seed for future use ), and have enough to can and perserve for the winter plus eat fresh from the garden well into the fall.

“The best seed anywhere!” That’s what our customers have been telling us. Delicious vegetables and garden fruits grown from our nutritionally balanced, 100% non-hybrid, non-GMO heirloom seed packages will not only nourish families with healthful, fresh and preserved foods but, unlike store-bought hybrids and patented GMOs, their seed can be saved for future crops. Now that’s food security!

40 Packets of Life-Sustaining Vegetable, Fruit and Herb Seeds containing 52 seed varieties. How are there 52 seed varieties in 40 packets? Because, as long as supplies last, you will receive , among your 40 packets, one with six rare heirloom tomatoes from Russia, Europe, Cherokee native Americans, and more! Another packet contains eight different red and green lettuces and endive! Remember: you don’t need to grow out all 52 vegetable varieties this year or even next! Seed will keep well for years, and we’ll include our seed storage direction sheet in each order. This way they will be ready for planting when you are!

Variets may include: Green Bush Beans...Pinto Beans...X-Early Sweet Corn...Green Sweet Peas...Sweet Red Beets...Snap Peas...Snow Peas...Broccoli...Green Cabbage...Carrots...Cucumbers...Eggplant. Cilantro/Coriander...Basil...Scallions...Butterhead Lettuce...Red Romaine...Lettuces/Endive 8-Variety Mix...Sweet Spanish Onion...Parsley...Anaheim Chili Pepper...Cayenne Pepper... Jalapeno Pepper...Pie Pumpkin...Pink Radishes...Butternut Squash...Rainbow Chard...Canning Tomato...Yellow Bush Bean...Cantaloupe...6-Variety Rare Heirloom Tomatoes...Red Lettuce...Navy Beans...Hard Red Spring Wheat...Red Cabbage...Honeydew Melon...Red Onion...Sweet Bell Pepper...Baby Watermelon...Broad Leaf Endive (winter 'lettuce').


Seed Count for The Survival Center's Individual Packets

As everyone who deals in garden seed is no doubt aware, the number of seeds per packet could be a much more meaningful figure than seed weight when estimating how much food you can expect and plan for in your garden. For example, all common commercial seed packets show weights such as, "25 mg" or "1.2 grams" or 1 ounce. A couple of companies add the approximate number of seeds in their packets as well: Approx. 10-15 tomato seeds. Or they tell you their packets will plant "25 feet of row." If you open commercial packets of seed like those commonly sold on seed racks across the U.S., or even those from popular catalogs, you will find a pitifully small sample of seed for their $2.49-$4.59 or whatever price. In fact, their colorful packets, catalogs and display racks cost more than the seed they put in the envelope, so this is what customers must pay for.

Our seed packets are and have always been "plain vanilla", that is, we don't spend money on fancy packaging but, instead, put nearly all of our money into our outstanding non-hybrid, non-GMO, heirloom seed. Because of this decision, our seed packets contain up to TEN TIMES more seeds than others. I will provide an envelope by envelope summary, below, but first.

We have received phone calls from customers asking "Do you guys have 10,000 seeds in your package like company xyz does?" We patiently explain that it is EASY for companies to put 10,000 seeds in a package, so total seed count is NOT the way to compare one company's offer with another. For example, we can put 15-20 expensive tomato seeds in one envelope, 20 peas in another, 100 lettuces in another, etc. Then, in order to impress our customers, we could put 1900 comparatively cheap wheat seeds in another and, when all the envelopes are totaled, claim (honestly) that the package contains 10,000 seeds. But, will that package provide enough nutritionally sound eating for at least four people for the present and future? No, of course not!

Beware of claims of total seed counts! They are nearly as meaningless as weights on a seed packet unless you KNOW how much "x" numbers of tomato seed weigh. Okay, so where does that leave The Survival Center's seed count on the 40 pack seed packages? Well, we sat down and counted them for you so you could make a meaningful choice, not that all seeds are created equal, of course. Just for the record, we came up with over 10,450 seeds per one of our 40-packs. That's very impressive considering they are not cheap "filler seeds" meant to impress someone. So here they are:

Sweet Spanish Onion 250
Yellow Bush Beans 50
Swiss Chard 100
Red Cabbage 330
Italian Parsley 400
Eggplant 530
Spinach 200
Cayenne Pepper 295
Anaheim Chili 200
Provider Bush Bean 55
Yellow Summer Squash 50
Green Sweet Pea 70
Mesclun Mix 330
Salad Cucumber 150
Snap Peas 75
Cilantro 250
Honey Dew Melon 75
Green Cabbage 300
Large Leaf Basil 350
Red Core Carrot 950
Heirloom Tomatoes 50
Butterhead Lettuce 650
Roma Tomatoes 400
Jalapeno M Pepper 220
Watermelon 65
Butternut Squash 55
Red/Grn Sweet Pepper 200
Ruby Red Lettuce 450
Black Beauty Zucchini 46
Acorn Squash 90
Radishes 300
Pumpkin 44
Gold Melons 104
Red Romaine Lettuce 1000
Red Beets 355
Broccoli 250
Pinto Beans46
Sweet Corn 150
Green onions 800

Assortment may vary due to seasonal availability.

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