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Future Times and Trends Newsletter Special With Bonus

  • This is The Survival Center's International Future Times and Trends Newsletter - Annual Subscription
If you know the future, You can plan better.
  • This is The Survival Center's International Future Times and Trends Newsletter - Annual Subscription
If you know the future, You can plan better.
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Product Description

This is The Survival Center's

International Newsletter

Future Times and Trends



If you know the Future, You Can Plan better.


The "No Beans, No Bull, No Holds Barred"Newsletter from International Writers.

This Special Offer includes the Preparedness 3 DVD and Book Home Study Course. Second year renewal is only $49.95.


Preppers in the know and who want to know the Future Trends, read The Survival Center's International Newsletter - Future Times and Trends

Paid Yearly Newsletter Subscription on your credit card Reoccuring Automatic Yearly Charge. The following years renewal charge will only be $49.95

Your Yearly Subscription for the First Year includes the Complete "Basic Preparedness Home Study Course" the preparedness book, an American Classic, and Now "Basic Preparedness" The 3 DVD Home Study Course takes you inside the " Secret " Why's and the How-To of Being Prepared To Be On Your Own for Extended Periods of Time. (a $100.00 value) and NOW with the NEW Updated section On Underground Shelters. You need to see this before you buy or build an underground shelter!

Not only do we address events on Planet but events off Panet that may affect us and our well being.

Solar Cycles, Earth Changes, Political Changes and all that one would need to be aware of for their safety and long term survival.

Actually, this newsletter is free when you factor in all the perodic special savings you will receive as a subscriber to this awesome behind the scenes newsletter plus the FREE Basic Preparedness Book and 3 DVD Home Study Course.

For example, if you purchased an order of $1000.00 or more of our freeze dried foods and you receive a 25% discount that is $250.00 dollars saved on just one order. Special discounts are availabe on most of our products as a Future Times and Trends subscriber.

Future Times And Trends Is Unique In Many Ways.


While It Looks Deep Into The Dark Recesses Of Political And Corporate Agendas And What They Have In Store For All Of Us (Not Good), It Also Shines A Light On The Future.


Without Fanfare, Without Hype, Special Correspondent "Uncle Richard" Addresses In Very Practical Ways How You Can Prepare For Uncertain Times. Not Just In Financial Ways, But Everything You Need To Know And Do To Prepare For And Ride Out Any One Or More Of Those Looming Future Potentials.


Uncle Richard Asks


  • Are You Yet Prepared To Be On Your Own For An Extended Period Of Time?

  • Have You Taken A Clue From Those Government Undergrounds?

  • Do You Wonder Why FEMA Has Ordered Billions Of Bullets?

  • And Why They Have Ordered tons and tons and tons of food and medical supplies?

  • Do You Know What "Normalcy Bias" Is?

To put it bluntly, Normalcy Bias is something that afflicts probably 99 people out of 100. They are the sort of people who, when exposed to bad news or bad events, simply switch off and do nothing. They have conditioned themselves to believing that everything will remain "normal" no matter what evidence there is to the contrary. They are very dogmatic in their beliefs, inclined to agree with whatever they're taught on television, tend to be staunch supporters of one party or another regardless of broken promises or lies, and may even be convinced that the government will help them out of any disaster situation within 72 hours. Therefore, they do nothing to prepare for the future, because they expect everything to be "normal" forever.

They are unlikely to subscribe to Future Times And Trends because they have no interest in the Big Picture, or in how that Big Picture is unfolding, right now. Unfortunately, they will be blindsided by coming events because they will not take the time to become informed about critical issues.

 Future Times And Trends


Is About


Being Informed - Ahead of Time



Product Videos

Agenda 21 Future Times and Trends (07:53)
http://store.survivalcenter.com/family-survival-news-future-times-and-trends-annual-subscription/ If You Knew the Future - Would You Do Things Differently? Do you feel like a Mushroom, Being Kept in the Dark and Fed B.S.! Know the Future with Your subscription to Future Times and Trends Uncensored news, the news behind the news. Prepper Tips and Hints, how to be Prepared for most any emergency that may come your way. The latest on Agenda 21 and how it affects you. Another NWO Strategy. Future Times and Trends is the "NO BEANS NO BULL" Newsletter read World Wide. Weekly Updates and Climate Change Alerts. Agenda 21 as it is now known, was conceived by the United Nations, which in reality is an unelected body of people. They want to shove their socialists ideas down everyone's throat and make you pay for it. This is the Hunger Games in Action, and you are on the bottom of the pile. Subscribe here and receive the Basic Preparedness 3 DVD and Book Home Study Course as a bonus. Please Click Here to Subscribe to this Awesome Newsletter http://store.survivalcenter.com/family-survival-news-future-times-and-trends-annual-subscription/
  • Agenda 21 Futu...

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