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Zika Is A Con

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Zika Is A Con

Part One

February 3 2016

Greetings from The Survival Center.

If you were watching any mainstream news today you'd be aware that they're now claiming that the Zika virus is being sexually transmitted in the United States.

And the World Health Organization has pulled out all the propaganda stops to tell the world that this is the latest disease to be utterly afraid of.

They're lying – just as they have in the past over Ebola and Swine Flu.

But of course, today's media has long forgotten integrity and truth – let alone how to question this rush to create yet another vaccine with all its inherent and serious side effects.

Let's break it down by the numbers.

Initially, we were told over 4000 cases of microcephaly in newborn children had been found in Brazil. (Microcephaly causes children to be born with a small brain and skull).

We were also told that the cause was their pregnant mothers being infected by mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus.

BUT – once Brazil did some further research, they concluded that of 270 tested cases out of more than 4000, only six (that's six) were infected by the Zika virus.

Jon Rappoport, who has been investigating medical issues since 1987, has a blog ( articles here) in which he quotes the 2009 (yes, 2009) Report of the Quality Standards Subcommittee of the American Academy of Neurology and the Practice Committee of the Child Neurology Society and says “Here’s the money quote:

“Microcephaly may result from any insult that disturbs early brain growth…Annually, approximately 25,000 infants in the United States will be diagnosed with microcephaly…”

But what does the CDC say about such cases in America (which have never made major headlines at all)?

In a follow-up AP story out of Brazil, the AP quotes a CDC official:- "The United States, with about 4 million births a year, has an estimated 2,500 cases of microcephaly a year, said Margaret Honein, a CDC epidemiologist."

2500? When the 2009 report said 25,000?

Going deeper yet - From Wikipedia:- "The virus was first isolated in April 1947 (by the ) Yellow Fever Research Institute(established) by the Rockefeller Foundation(in Uganda). The monkey developed a fever, and researchers isolated from its serum a transmissible agent that was first described as Zika virus in 1952.

Wikipedia again:- Some of its (the foundation's) infamous activities include:

The fact that the Rockefeller Foundation was involved naturally leads to questions as to why a “transmissible agent” was isolated.

For what purpose?

Well, eugenics is about population control, which means population reduction.

Microcephaly can be caused by any injury to a pregnant woman, whether it comes from some physical trauma, such as a fall, or via the intake of chemicals that disrupt the gestation process.

Brazil, says Rappoport, has the highest level of insecticide and herbicide use (glyphosate and Roundup) in the world.

But do you think the mainstream media (we call them Mainstream Muppets) will investigate that?

Not a chance.

It's only the alternative media – such as this newsletter which is edited by a retired international investigative journalist – that really digs for the truth.

Somehow today's news is about four, (that's four in a population of over 300 million) people in the US getting the virus through sexual activity.

What happens next?

Every pharmaceutical company on the planet will jump into this golden opportunity to come up with another vaccine – just as they have in the past.

Governments around the world may once again buy up stocks of the new vaccine.

They may even insist that everyone “at risk” should be vaccinated.

Last week The World Health Organization came out with a statement saying “The experts agreed that a causal relationship between Zika infection during pregnancy and microcephaly is strongly suspected, though not yet scientifically proven.” (Emphasis added.)

And on the basis of suspicion and a complete lack of proof the WHO recommends the development of vaccines to “protect people at risk” from a virus that is “not scientifically proven” to be the cause of microcephaly in newborn children!!

Remember, only six of the 270 confirmed cases of microcephaly in Brazil were “found to have the virus.”

But watch the MSM (MuppetStream Media) spin this story like it's the latest black plague.

Unlike this article and those in our premium newsletter,Future Times and Trends, they do no deep research at all, and that makes them muppets of the One World cabal...the people and their foundations who are all about population reduction.

Part Two Coming soon.

In Other News

“An investigation was launched into vaccines used at a UK school for boys after several students fell ill from receiving the jabs. As many as 15 students at the Northampton School for Boys collapsed onto the floor Tuesday following a series of vaccines which resulted in severe adverse side effects.”


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