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Water - How Clean is Yours?

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Water Part 1


Water has been in the news recently, water that has been contaminated by lead, because old lead pipes never got replaced, even though it was known a long time ago, that lead can cause serious nerve and cognitive damage just to name a few side effects.

A lot of people got exposed to this water and they should be concerned, because it is especially damaging to children, since their nervous systems are rapidly growing and are being established.

Of course you could be mad about the politicians for not having acted sooner and demand that the pipes be replaced with non poisonous ones, but in the mean time, what is there to do?

Haul water in from outside the area? Buy bottled water?

Or make your own clean water!

Water is the most essential for humans and animals to survive, (right after having enough fresh air of course).

The human body is 65 to 75% water. 

The cleaner the water you put in the body the healthier it can be. ( At least that would seem a logical deduction)

That's why we always recommend, one of the first things to do when you start to get prepared is have a good water filter.

We carry many models of Filters for different scenarios, but if you live in a city, where the water is chlorinated, flouridated and chances are that there are still old pipes being used, we recommend the 


Berkey Water Filter with the Black Elements.

Or if you prefer a Filter with a Stainless Steel housing try the Crown Berkey

They filter viruses, bacteria, chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals like lead, aluminum etc. and even some pharamaceuticals.

If your water is flouridated, we recommend the PF-2 Filters, which go underneath the black elements and they will additionally remove flouride, arsenic and other heavy metals.

Water Self- Sufficiency is a must in this world.

Take charge and be prepared to provide your own clean water. Also recommended is storing water in case of power outages, natural  or man made disasters.

Katadyn Drip Gravity Filter

Expedition filters like the one on the right have a much greater volume of water they can handle, however, they do mostly remove bacteria and parasites.

Click image for more details.

This drip filter is slower however you can load it up and come back later.

See more info in our blog on storing water.


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