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Hi Folks,

Summer is here and with that, nice hot sunny days, tomatoes and peppers ripening and we can't wait to taste that first cucumber.

We love Gardening! Growing your own food tastes so much better than store bought food and if you added some good soil amendments, they will also be more nutritious.

Gardening does use quite a bit of water though and even here in the Pacific North West, it doesn't rain much in the summer.

If you have a roof with a gutter attached to catch rainwater, you can divert it into water barrels, cisterns or

Underground Water storage tanks, for use when it is needed.

This water can be used for watering plants, Hand washing clothes in case the power is out and even for drinking, however, you should filter the water first before drinking it or doing the dishes with it.

Water that is stagnant can grow bacteria and algae and could make you sick if you don't use a water filter. We have a great Portable and Stand alone Gravity Water Filter selection Here.

Water is becoming more valuable than gold. You can barely survive 3 days without water. Many parts of the country are under a drought condition and California is having a major drought and more and more restrictions on water usage are being imposed, to minimize water usage.

If you live in an apartment and do not have room for barrels or are not allowed to store them outside, smaller water storage containers are available here.

Of course You can use Glass Jars with lids, however, if you live in Earthquake prone areas you must pack them away with lots of padding around them, so they don't break or use plastic Food Grade containers.

Water Storage is a good idea. You can use Non Scented Bleach to store the water for a while. (8 drops per gallon

Or you can use Aerobic 07, an oxygen formula to keep the water fresh.

No matter what you use to extend the life of stored water, we recommend to filter it if you have stored it for over a year and need it for drinking. (just to be on the safe side)

When the time comes for rotating your stored water, don't just dump it out. Use it for watering plants or flushing the toilet. Use it wisely.

Water is essential. Use Wisely. Storing it is being smart.