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Taco Tuesday- Food Storage Saturday- Steamed Rice Recipe

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If you are one of the folks who like Taco Tuesdays, or Pizza Wednesdays, how about, Food Storage Saturdays?

A fun way to introduce food storage to your family and have a rotation plan, is to set a day once a week, and use only food that you have stored for "rainy days".

It is a great way to practice using it, learning how to prepare it and while you do, you might realize, you really like some things better and put those on your "get more of it" list, or you may discover, you didn't store enough herbs and spices to give it the best flavor or you might find an easier way to cook it, while using less energy and fuel.

It is also a great teaching tool for kids. You teach them how to use the stored food, so they will be able to contribute to the family's well being, during a disaster, or any hard times and are even able to prepare it for themselves, a valuable skill to have.

One great way to get started is using some of the wonderful recipes from the book

Cookin' With Home Storage

Many who were inspired to stock up food years ago, put their food in their pantry, root cellar or underground shelter, but then never did anything with it. When a real disaster happens, you don't want to have to be experimenting and see how it works or doesn't work, i.e. making bread takes practice, so you don't end up with a loaf as hard as a brick.

Learn to craft the perfect loaf: Bread making a Home Course

We are getting calls from people wondering, if their food is still good and usable. Some of their food was 25 years old and they thought about throwing it all away and getting newer stuff. We even experimented with some of our stored food and found out that stored wheat still makes great bread and cookies.

Of course getting a new supply of food is a good idea, but had it been incorporated into a weekly meal plan, even monthly, more of it could have been put to good use.

Stocking up on food is also a good hedge against inflation. Did you notice how food prices keep going up and the container or packages it comes in, keep getting smaller?

Years from now you will be eating food at yesterday's prices.

Add to your pantry now with great discounts here.

Save time and energy with this Steamed Rice recipe:

1 Cup white rice

2 cups water

herbs and spices 

Add all the above in a big enough pot with a tight fitting lid. Bring to a boil, then turn off the heat.On a table lay two big towels on top of each other, take the pot with the lid on and place it in the middle of the towels and wrap it in the towels.

In about half an hour your rice is cooked. Brown Rice will take a bit longer.No stirring necessary. Just boil water.

(Note: If the water is not potable you will need to either filter it or boil it a few minutes first)


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