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Stuck on the Freeway?

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Greetings to our Friends who get stuck in Traffic Jams

Is the Freeway or Highway part of your daily commute to and from work?

Or are you planning on a long road trip?

Even though Freeways may have 3-4 lanes to travel on, it just takes one major accident and the traffic stops.

It may take several hours for it to be cleaned up and the roads open again for traffic to commence.

If the reason for the traffic to stop is an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse or a Solar Flare from the Sun), which may be caused by a nuclear explosion, like North Korea keeps threatening to do or a big Solar flare, then the scenario will not clear up, because it would have fried sensitive equipment like computers in cars, electronic ignition etc. and they won't start again.

Then the only options would be to stay or walk home.

But let's just talk about the more common traffic jam problem due to an accident:

Do you have any snacks in your car that will keep for a while as a back up?

How about some extra water bottles?

We recommend to always travel with a full water bottle no matter where you go.

For us it's always the 4 things to remember when heading out the door and driving in the car.

  • Jacket (Your kit should have some rain gear in it, but if it doesn't take a rain jacket also)
  • Good walking shoes (If it's summer and you love to wear flip flops or sandals, take some extra comfy shoes along in case you had to hike over rougher terrain for a while.)

Your 72 hour kit, should have food in it like MRE's or Emergency Food Ration Bars, Dried Fruit, Granola bars, however, granola bars won't store for a long time in a hot car etc. You will need to change those out more often or eat and replace with newer ones.

If you have little ones of course you will want to bring some fresh snacks like fruit etc. and maybe some travel games.

O.K. that was easy.

Now what to do if there is no Restroom in sight and no bushes close by to hide behind, when nature calls?

We have a solution for that too.

Our Solid and Liquid Waste bags, contain a powder that turns into a gel, when it comes in contact with liquid, so there is no spill. You can seal them shut and when you find the next trash can, dispose of them that way.

Another item that would be good to have is a road map. In case you had to walk to the next exit ramp and find your way home on foot. If your GPS still works and can detach from your vehicle great, but in an EMP scenario, that device won't work anymore either.

Plan ahead, so if something like the above scenario happens, you won't fret, because you got food, water, a way to entertain yourself and the rest of the passengers, and if nature calls, you'll know how to deal with that too.

Happy Traveling

The Survival Center Farm & Preparedness Team

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