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Spring Gardening Tips

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Spring is here again and most people who have a yard or garden feel the urge to go out there and play in the dirt (at least we think of it that way, smile) and plant something.

But before you think of all the great veggies and flowers you want to plant start making a list of things to do before planting actually can begin.

Do you still have left over vines of squash, tomato and kale stalks sticking up in your garden beds?

Now is the time to pull them out and add them to the compost pile. Clear all the beds of stakes and trellises unless they won't be in the way if you are trying to till the soil.

Do a PH test on your soil and if it is too acid like 6.2 or below you may want to add lime to the soil. You want

to do this a few weeks before planting so the soil has some time to adapt and incorporate the lime so new plantings don't get damaged.

Top dress garden beds with compost or well aged manure. Don't till it in, if the soil is very soggy.

Adding Azomite or Glacial Rock Dust for vital minerals is also a good idea now.

If you haven't done it already, it's time to prune fruit trees, rose bushes and shrubs.

Once you have prepared some beds you can transplant onion and leek starts outside after they have hardened off a bit. “Hardening off” is the process of moving plants outdoors for a portion of the day to gradually introduce them to the direct sunlight, dry air, and cold nights.

5 Quick Basic Gardening Tips

  1. Start Tomatoes and Peppers in a Greenhouse on a heating mat to help with germination. Also can start Kale, Collards, lettuces, broccoli, cabbage, and cooler weather crops from seed.
  2. Prune fruit trees, rose buses, some shrubs.
  3. Direct seeds outside, spinach, beats, carrots, peas radishes etc.
  4. Transplant Onion and leeks sets, harden off first.
  5. Works compost and minerals into garden beds to be ready for planting.

Garden Seed for Storage

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