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Procrastinators Part 1

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Procrastinators – If that sounds familiar to you read on ( and if not, read on anyway, you might learn something new :) ?

Do you think preparing for the future makes sense? Are you one of those who likes to acquire knowledge in forms of books or e-books so you can read it when you need to?

That is a start, but what if you suddenly actually needed to DO IT?

Have you ever tried to make bread from scratch? Don't wait until you have to, because it became too expensive to buy a loaf, like it is in Venezuela or has been in Cuba, due to inflation.

Great recipes, well explained and made with your own love.

Bread Making A Home Course

In your prepping efforts of acquiring food, water and medical stuff, make sure you make some time to actually learn essential skills , so you won't waste resources, e.g. that first loaf of bread turned out to be an unedible brick and you have to throw it away and are still hungry.

Practice, practice, practice.

Good Skills To have or acquire:

Learn how to fix a broken water pipe, may it be copper, polypipe or pvc. What pipes and sizes are used in your home or outside underground, connecting to the water hydrants? Go to your local hardware store and get some spare parts, also find out if special tools are required.

( Screwdriver, Heat gun, pipe cutter or what other tool could work, may be a good sharp knife?)

Grow plants for food in containers or in a garden if you can make one and have room. The best food is home grown. It gets your love and you will know what has been added.

Educate yourself about what may be needed ahead of time, e.g. a hoe, rake, shovel, fertilizer, how will you water the plants, how will you water them when the power is out?

The Garden Primer is a great book to find out.

If you are heating with wood and if usually only one in the family is cutting it or acquiring it, change that mode of operation.

Take the whole family as age allows and learn how to use a chain saw, a hand saw and a splitting mall from someone who is experienced and can teach you how to do it safely.

Learn how to stack wood in a way, so the pile doesn't fall over if the wind blows a bit.

It is a valuable skill, because you don't want to handle it twice, unless you need the exercise.

By The Way, Wood heats six ways: When you fell it, cut it, split it, stack it, haul it to the wood stove and finally, when you are burning it. :-) We know, from experience ha!

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