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Nuclear Event Preparedness Check list

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Nuclear event (or any other emergency) preparedness check list:

Potassium Iodate - to protect your thyroid

Gasmask-                Clean Air to breathe

Radiation Detector-   Don't depend on officials to tell you what the radiation level is. Fukushima is proof, that you aren't  

                                    being told what was/ is really going on.

The second most important thing, right after clean air to breathe, is:

Water-                   Where do you get your water from, a well or public water system?

                               In a nuclear event, which could cause an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse), electric devices such as your

                               well pump or your cities water supply pumps and all other things using electricity may not run


                               It is a good idea to store water ahead, Minimum 1 gal per person per day, however, that doesn't  

                               cover doing the laundry, the dishes or taking showers. If you would like those “modern conveniences”,

                               store more.

                               If you have a well, an option would be to install a hand pump.

                              Call us with your well specs and we'll be happy to provide a quote.


                               Everyone should have a good water filter. Even if you get city water, chances are it contains  

                               chemicals, heavy metals, drug residues and possibly fluoride, which is toxic.

                               With the right water filter you can go to any stream, river, pond etc, and make safe drinking water for

                               you and your family.

                               Check out the Berkey Water Filter systems or our portable Filters.

Food -     

Food (stored ahead) is the third most important thing to stay alive.  You want to have

clean food put away, so if there is a nuclear event that food won't be contaminated, if

 it is stored in sealed containers and you are hopefully far away from the explosion.

There are options to choose from: Freeze Dried food just requires the addition of hot

 water, stirring, waiting a few minutes and you can have a complete meal. It also has a

 long shelf life.

 Dehydrated foods, depending on what it is, I.e vegetables or legumes will require

 cooking for several minutes and the addition of spices and herbs. Canned food you

                               can buy at a regular grocery store, could be eaten right out of the can, but does not

                               have such a long shelf life and requires more rotation.

                               Check out all of the available Food for Longer Term Storage here.

                               Convenient Two week grab and go kits or an organic 40 day food supply kit may be a great way to  

                               start prepping.


Having an extensive medical/ first aid Kit on hand would be a wise move. If you have to

stay put where you are, you may be the one who has to take care of your family’s needs.

Also, having remedies like Super Silver, an antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal and non

toxic solution, or herbal remedies for various conditions on hand, may make life a lot

 easier for you and you being less dependent on outside help.


Knowing what to do during a nuclear event is crucial. Sticking your kids in the sewers to protect them,

like some people did during the recent nuclear missile scare in Hawaii, isn't a wise move.

Know what to do with a hard copy of the Book Nuclear War Survival Skills.


   Going underground is best during a nuclear event. Underground Shelters can safe lives,

   because the more layers you have between you and the radiation, the better you are protected.

   A good Air Filtration System will make it even better. The book Nuclear War Survival Skills has

  instructions on how to build your own emergency shelter, air ventilation system and even how to make a

  geiger counter if you are on a tight budget.

Take care of the basic survival needs first.

Air, Water, Food, medical and Shelter, then you can think about all the other

important things like, how do I wash my clothes if the washer and dryer don't work?


Know How Books

Cook options: Propane Stove, Wood Stove, Grill, etc.

Make a list, start prepping, check off the list, You'll be glad you did!

Be Prepared for anything.

We are here to help.

The Survival Center Farm and Prepper Team

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