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Get Ready For Winter Part 2

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Hello Folks,

In part One, we discussed what and how to store in regards to water and food and how to get your home prepared for the cold season.

Let's continue on about the home preparations:

Light and Communication

If the power is out, do you have alternative lighting? If you have a generator you may be able to run the lights and a heater at the same time.

If you don't have a generator, choose lights that can be powered by the sun or hand crank.

Keep the Solar/ hand crank powered lantern by the window and it will charge, whenever the sun shines. This one also includes an AM/FM Radio and NOAA Weather channels, to keep you informed.

Candles are another great alternative. The Six and a Half Day Candles, burn for almost a whole week.They come in a plastic sleeve, so there are no spills and wax drippings anywhere.

To keep them from accidentally being knocked over, we put them inside a wine rack, which has been laid on it's side. Candles work also great to help keep a pump house warm and the pipes from freezing.

To be able to stay in communication, consider a landline for your home. These will usually work in a power outage. Cell towers maybe down in a major blizzard, so a landline phone could be your backup. Have backup batteries for radios and all mobile devices easily accessible.


Get in the habit of refueling the tank when it is half full, don't wait until it is almost empty. If you had to evacuate an area, you can get somewhere with a half full tank, but if you can't refuel, an almost empty tank will get you stuck, and who wants to be stuck in a cold car somewhere?

Check your anti-freeze fluid.

Got an ice scraper?

A soft piece of cloth to wipe fogged up windows comes in handy too.

Make sure you have emergency supplies in your car:

Gloves, Jumper cables, emergency 12 volt light etc.

For more details check out the Car Survival Kit.

Consider adding traction sand and a shovel to your vehicle.

If you already have all the necessary vehicle tools for an emergency, make sure you have a Kit with the necessary goodies to make it through at least 3 days.

To get ideas on what should be in one read more about the Deluxe 72 Hour kit here.

Add warm clothing, hats, gloves, snow pants to each kit for each family member.

Stay tuned for more tips in part 3 on winter prepping.

Be Prepared for anything.

We are here to help.

The Survival Center Farm and Prepper Team

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