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Do-It- Yourself Health Care

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Preparedness has many parts to it, not only water, food, medical and shelter, but Know-How to take care of yourself or someone else, who might need help with a physical or mental condition.

Yes, there are lot's of over the counter drugs, for conditions like headaches, bellyaches, etc., but most of those have side effects, cost money and would have to be acquired before an emergency.

Prevention is always better, than having to fix something, but certain techniques and herbs can help improve or increase well being.

One such technique is Acupressure, which you can apply on yourself or someone else.

It is the holding of specific points on the body, while deeply breathing to help stuck energy flow again.

Here is a great video we found by Dr. Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D

who describes what you can do to help alleviate headaches, achieve better focus and concentration.


Best of all it is free.

Then there is nature's pharmacy, who provides wild herbs, to help improve our physical, mental and even spiritual well-being.

By spiritual we are not talking about psychoactive plants. No. Just being in nature, on Mother Earth, going for a walk in the woods, sitting on the grass or dirt, aka grounding yourself, can be great stress relief. And constant stress is a major cause of illness.

God's Healing Leaves

Learning about the nutritional and beneficial effects of wild herbs/ plants and herbs you grow to spice up your food can be your own access to a natural pharmacy.

                                                                                                                          Foods That Heal

The Northwest Herb Lover's Handbook

Earl Mindell's Herb Bible

PS: It is Dandelion season again and they give that beautiful manicured lawn, that golden look.

Don't poison them, Eat them!

  Field Guide To Edible Wild Plants

Yes Herbs also work for animals.

Check out the book The Complete Herbal Handbook for Farm and Stable

Happy Learning!

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