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Christmas Gift Ideas for those "hard to shop for" loved ones part 2

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Still looking for the perfect gift?

Do you know someone who loves to go camping, but is having a more challenging time getting up from the sleeping pad on the tent floor or just would like some more comfort and storage room?

We have the Sleeping cot for you! With storage compartment and carry bag. $20.00 off

   The Travel Vest keeps the important gear like knives, tools, flashlight, snacks etc. handy. 17 pockets.

    If you don't like to wear a vest but rather a belt, get the 7 pocket Fanny pack

    100,000 Gallons of clean drinking water with the Sawyer Mini Filter, compact, lightweight.

  Need a gift for the whole family? How about a  4 person Emergency 3 Day Kit.

Happy giving!

Merry Christmas!

The Survival Center Team