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Butchering Ducks Part 5

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Butchering Ducks Part 5  -  Best part - A Big Duck Dinner - Yum!

part of the Self-Supporting, Self-Sufficient, Sovereign and Free Series.

The Best part - Yum!

Roasted Duck, Crock Pot Duck, Roasted Turkey, Squash, Rice, Quinoa, Apple Pie, Chip, Dip and Salsa.

Any time is a great time to eat well.

While the picture on the left shows a baked duck, it is a bit dark due to the enamel ware roaster and the darker color it turned to when baked. This does not in any way affect the taste or nutrition. It was awesome!

On the right is a Duck cooked in a crook pot. Slow cooking has some advantages, like just set it and forget it until the timer goes off. This duck was cooked in apple juice and let me tell you - Yum is an understatement.

We cooked two ducks two different ways so we could compare the differences. I think it just comes down to how you want to do it. Both had excellent flavor and all were tender and tasty.

After the above duck was baked, we covered it with a home made garlic basil dressing. This dressing is made famous locally by the people that make it Yummy local Foods

For a comparison we also roasted a turkey and then had everyone do a taste, preference test. Everyone liked it all and we could not decide on a winner. Many had never had duck roasted or in the crock pot so we all had fun tasting and stuffing ourselves.

Talk about stuffing ourselves, we started the day with some home made salsa, sour cream dip with chips and crackers. This helps to keep the vultures away from the cooks until the main courses are ready.

Next we made some home grown squash. 

Did I mention earlier that we grew the ducks? Not the turkey we got it from a neighbor.

Squash in Stainless Steel pan at the right.

Butternut variety. They grow great and easy plus keep well over the winter. We are still eating some here in the spring.

Rice or Quinoa is a nice addition. Here is how we do it and save time and energy.

We use a Stainless Steel cook pot with lid.

We bring the rice or quinoa to a boil and then take it off the heat and wrap in two towels

30 to 45 minutes later you have cooked rice or quinoa.

Double towels at the right.

Pan of quinoa cooked at the left here. For a more detailed description of this process please go to this link.

And of course, what turkey/duck dinner would not be complete without some home made apple pie (crust made with lard) with apples we grew ourselves. 

Did I mention home made whipped cream with real cow milk/cream AKA raw milk.

While very few have the skills or knowledge to do most of the above we believe it is a necessary skill in order for one to be as self-sufficient, sovereign and free as possible in an unfree world. 

Many of our parents and grandparents were stewards of the land and knew how to be self supporting. Here at the Survival Center, we practice what we attempt to teach others to do. Being prepared just makes good sense.

Writing blogs, our two newsletters and the classes we have taught is one way we help to do our best to educate.

If one sees the reality of the world around them and would like to prepare, we are the ones to talk to. We have the Knowledge and Experience to help you prepare and save time and money doing it.

We have written the book on preparedness, "Basic Preparedness" and produced a 3 DVD Preparedness Home Study course.

Newsletters: Either of our two newsletters (one free, one not) are very informative, but our premier newsletter Future Times and Trends is just that. We have been calling it correctly for almost half a century and with all that experience and research we are seeing more drastic changes and events happening than ever before. 

Most do not see this simply because they are not looking or have their head stuck in their cell phone or other  devices that keeps their attention diverted.

Please give us a call (1-800-321-2900) or come and see us if you truly want to know and get prepared.

Just saying!

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