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Butchering Ducks Part 3

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Butchering Ducks Part 3

Getting the Wing Tips and Feet off.

We used our sharp knives to cut through the joints on the feet and wings as shown in the pictures here.

To find the joint we started cutting carefully, where we thought it should be. Bending the feet and wings back and forth helped to  locate it easier.

The wings work the same way.

Just find the joint and cut and bend as shown.

After you have some of the joint cut through then you should be able to bend and cut as needed to get the foot off.

Should be easy to break off the rest of the way as shown here.

Cutting the ends of the wings off.

Very similar to the feet.

Work it from the joint.

Bend it over and finish cutting with your knife.

Ta Dah!

We wanted to show you the insides of the duck here but these pictures take up so much room, that we will wait for part 4. 

We think larger pictures gives one a better view.. But this cheap blog program is not working that well!!

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