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Butchering Ducks Part 2

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Part 2 - Processing the Duck

Once you have De-feathered the duck as shown in part 1, then comes the fun part.

 If you ever thought about becoming a surgeon, maybe start with dissecting a duck to see if that is really for you. Ha!

Ducks are waterfowl and they have glands near the  end of their tail, which help keep their feathers waterproof. The glands needed to be cut out since they are not edible.

Here we use a sharp knife and carefully cut around the gland and remove.

Lean the gland to one side to cut loose then lean it the other way to do the same thing  there.

These ducks were raised on Organic Feed, had access to fresh green pasture whenever they wanted to and they loved playing in the ducky pool.

They were happy ducks and we are sure we'll taste it.

Of course, we always bless our animals and food as we prepare and eat them.

P.S.: Ducks grow a lot faster than chickens and get bigger, however, we wouldn't recommend raising them in drought stricken areas, since they require a lot more water than chickens.PPS: 

See more in parts 3,4,5 coming soon.

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