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Books not e-Books - Part 2

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Book not e-Books Part 2

Recently we have been asked by several customers what books we recommend everyone should have, in case the power goes out and if they didn't have a way to keep the computers going.

Here are some suggestions for Part 2. Many more books and ideas are available on our web site.

Do it yourself Books:

Beginners Guide to preserving food at home:

Learn How to freeze, dry, can, root cellar, and brine your favorite vegetables and fruits.When you grew your own veggies and fruits and have some surplus, knowing how to preserve them is very rewarding. You can enjoy the fruit of your labor all winter long, when those items no longer grow in the garden because it is too cold. 

Guide to Canning,Freezing, Curing and Smoking Meat, Fish and Game

This book is a must have for the meat lovers. Knowing how to take care of it provides good food high in protein for the future.

Basic Country Skills

Most anything you need to know about homesteading. Easy to understand information. Gardening, wiring, plumbing, raising animals etc.

Bread Making- A Home Course

Home made bread is the best. You'll have that fresh from the oven heavenly smell all for yourself and you control what ingredients go in.

Cold Climate Gardening

Learn to extend your growing season. This way you can keep growing your own food, without having to go to the store.

Cookin' with Home Storage-

A must have book if you are storing dehydrated foods for an emergency and want to have some recipes that work the first time, without having to experiment on how much to add i.e how to make cornbread.

Of course there are hundreds of books with more specialized themes on self sufficiency, homesteading, Do it yourself, Edible Wild plants, raising animals........ etc.

But these will get you started and cover the most important basics of self sufficiency.

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