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Books not e-books - Part 1

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Books not e-books Part 1

Recently we have been asked by several customers what books we recommend everyone should have, in case the power goes out and if they didn't have a way to keep the computers going.

Yep, No Computers or I Pads or whatever else you use that's electronic to read books with will work if there is no more electricity.

Hard cover books or soft cover books won't go away. They can sit on your shelf or can be stored in poly buckets with Gamma Seal lids on, (this is what we do to keep them fresh and moisture free) real nicely and they wait until you need them.

(The Gamma Seal Lids provide easy access to the bucket since it is a screw on lid and it also keeps the contents dry since it has a gasket which makes it air and water tight. This is how we store some books and clothes ahead.)

Here is a list of essential books we recommend so you can refer to them, whether in need for health advise, when the doctor is not available or how to save seeds so you can use them to plant in the future.

Health Related Books:  You can click on each title and learn more about it.

Where There Is No dentist

These books are written for Third- World Countries where access to Doctors and supplies is limited.

We recommend studying this book as soon as you have a copy, because it will list tools to acquire and have on hand before they are not available anymore during a disaster.

Where There Is No doctor

Every Home Library should have a copy of this valuable book.

Where Women Have No Doctor

This book has also very detailed instructions for Prenatal Care, Home Birth and After Birth Care.

Where There is No Animal Doctor

This simply written, heavily illustrated manual was developed to benefit people in the many areas of the world where livestock play an important role in daily life, and animals are crucial to peoples' survival. Used for food, transportation, work, and wealth, when someone's animal is ill or unhealthy the whole community can suffer.


Basic Preparedness

This book is for beginners and prepper's alike. It covers the "How To" of the  first four basics of survival: Food, Water, Medical and Shelter. Information on basic skills like Gardening, Canning, Self Defense, Soap making etc. plus some real nice proven recipes for Meals and hygiene supplies.

This is a read now, Do it now but also a great reference book.

Nuclear War Survival Skills

With Fukushima still not being contained and  larger earthquakes happening more often, this book should be readily available to you and is also a book to read now, since there is a lot to know about how to protect yourself if a Nuclear Reactor blows or a nuclear bomb goes off.

It provides info on how to build an emergency fall out shelter, make a radiation detector and facts on radiation that could save your life.

Life Saving Nuclear Facts and Self-Help Instructions. Great info to know.

Check out our next issue with Part 2 on Do It Yourself Must Have books.

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