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Bees, Bites, and Bella's or Why Checking your First Aid Supplies could be a Life Saver

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Bees, Bites, and Bella's

Today we would like to share a story about an insect sting, that might help you in your preparedness for First Aid and why checking your Medical and First Aid supplies list is a good idea.

You just might need something that you have used up but forgot to replace or simply haven't thought of the possibility of a certain scenario.

One of our customers recently called us and wanted to share her experience:

Her child was playing outside under the trees in the afternoon and  got stung 4 times on her legs by an unidentified stinging insect. It might have been a ground wasp or hornet.

The mother took the child in the house quickly and grabbed her Retreat medical kit.

She remembered it had a bite and sting kit in it to suction out the venom from the insect. She applied the suction cup at each sting location where she could, however, on the ankle it wasn't that easy, since there are mostly bones and tendons.

She cleaned and wiped off the area and then applied the medicaine swabs, which contain a pain relieving liquid.

Then she grabbed 2 ice packs from the freezer and the instant cold pack from the Medical Kit, since she didn't have enough ice packs in the freezer.

This helped with the pain and reduced the swelling, but her child developed really itchy skin all over and the one thing she didn't have on hand was an Anti-histamine and “Apis Mellifica”, which is a Homeopathic remedy for insect stings,

(which is also part of the Homepathic First Aid Kit).

So she had to send her hubby to stop by the store to get some.

After 3 hours she could see improvements, the swelling went down, the itching went away and the child was able to go to sleep.

" I was so glad to have the First Aid supplies handy, it could have been more severe without them. Thanks for supplying these great tools. From now on, I make sure that as soon as I start using a Homeopathic remedy tube I will get a new one right away to have a replacement on hand before the first one runs out", She said before ending the call.

Lesson learned:

  • Have more ice packs in the freezer and in case you are not home when it happens, have instant cold packs with you in your first aid kit.
  • Have Anti-Histamine in your first aid kit, especially if you know someone in your family is sensitive to stings. (always with the advise of your health care provider)
  • If you use Homeopathic remedies, get replacements before you run out.
  • Have a Bite and Sting Kit handy and maybe even two, since you can only suction one stung area at a time. The sooner you can remove some of the venom/poison after the sting, the less the body has to work to deal with it and the reaction may be less severe.


We found a few natural remedies online in case you know what insect was the culprit:

Wasp and Hornet Stings

Vinegar - Wasp and hornet venom are powerful alkalines. Use an acid such as vinegar to neutralize them. It can be applied via a piece of cloth or bandaging. Make sure to keep the stings soaked for at least 15 minutes. Some vinegar will absorb through the skin, and it should greatly help eliminate the discomfort.

Bee and Yellow Jacket Stings

Baking Soda - In the case of bee stings, baking soda will help to neutralize the acidic venom. Make a paste by combining baking soda with water. Leave this paste on the sting site for at least 15 minutes. Some of the dissolved baking soda will leach through the skin to neutralize the venom somewhat. After applying it, and cleaning the sting area of residue; a chamomile tincture may be repeatedly applied for any residual itching or swelling.

Copper Penny - one of our subscribers suggested this idea of putting a copper penny (make sure it is copper - prior to 1982) on the bite location to help neutralize the poison. They claim it works.

Emergency Allergic Reactions

If there is difficulty breathing, extreme dizziness, or nausea after a sting, then there is a high probability that it triggered a dangerous allergic reaction. Then immediately call 911 or get to the nearest hospital. In these unfortunate latter cases, a steroid injection may be required to save one's life.

Update your First Aid kit and you will be ready when you need it.

Happy Summer and Happy Prepping!

The Survival Center Farm and Prepper Team

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