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Apples Everywhere

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Apples Everywhere!

Have you ever had so many apples you didn't know what to do with them?

With a bumper crop of apples and pears this year, we have been busy making apple/ pear pies, canning, drying and of course eating them fresh from the tree, but with so much fruit still on the trees, a quick way to use more apples fast is jucing.

The investment in an apple press, certainly was worth it for us this year.

(No, we don't sell those but if you like juice and have a lot of fruit trees, it may be a great investment.)

Here is how we do it:

We washed the fruits and cut out bad parts, caused by falling to the ground or insects.

On the apple press is an attachment that grinds the fruit into smaller pieces, powered by hand.

(Yeah, no electricity required)

The fruit is collected in a basket underneath, which we lined with "cheesecloth" so most of the pulp stays behind when pressed. 

Once the basket was full, we laid the round pressure plate on top and wound the threaded rod down, which applied pressure  on top of the apples and slowly the juice started to flow.

It looked like golden nectar flowing. Simply delicious, with enzymes and vitamins and minerals intact. The bees really like this. Have you ever seen a drunk bee? Really funny. we just place then on a leaf or branch out of the way. I wonder if they get a head ache?

Some of the juice we simply store in the fridge to drink now. It will keep for quite some time. If we wait longer, it might just turn into hard cider. (Another tasty treat).

Since our refrigerator only has so much room, a great way

to preserve the juice is by canning it.

Canning Juice:

Heat the juice gently, add to hot sterilized canning jars and water bath for ten minutes.

Consult a book for details if you live in higher elevations.

Beginners Guide to Preserving Food At Home would be a great book to have on hand.

Happy juicing, canning and preserving the harvest!

The Survival Center Farm and Prepper Team

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