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After the Hurricane - What about water?

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After The Hurricane - Planning Ahead Really Helps

In the aftermath of a Hurricane, as it happened recently In Puerto Rico, people are struggling to acquire the most basic supplies. Water.

Most Important is Water- You can't live without clean drinking water. If you only have salt water to work with, We have the desalination filter units available here. These filters will take the salt out of salt water and make it drinkable.

Efforts are being made to distribute bottled water to people, but many people are hard to reach and bottled water only lasts so long. Depending on the size, a bottle may only provide enough water for one day and that is just for drinking. Once empty, most of them are being thrown away.

What about cleaning the dishes, cleaning the body and clothes?

You wouldn't want to do that with water that is contaminated and may even have raw sewage in it either.

The solution?  Plan ahead and Make Your Own Clean Drinking Water with a  personal water filter. Water storage containers are available to you. 55 gal drums, 30 gal drums and 500+ gallon storage tankers. They come in all sizes. 

If you live on an island, you are obviously surrounded by water, probably salt water that is, and you can't drink it, UNLESS you have a desalination Unit.

These are hand operated, so no electricity required. 12 Volt options are available too.

The Katadyn Survivor 35 Manual Desalinator is the most widely-used emergency desalinator.

Produces up to 4.5 litres per hour. Produces enough water for multiple person liferafts. Widely used by US and international military forces, voyagers, sea kayakers, and other adventurers.

Other Desalination units are available here.

If you have access to fresh water out of a stream, lake, river or well, The Berkey Water Filters with the Black Elements make questionable water safe to drink.

They use nature's gravity, so no electricity is required.

Removing bacteria, parasites, chemicals and even heavy metals.

Need one for a bigger family? Check out the Crown Berkey. This one comes with 2 Elements, but can use up to 8 elements at a time for faster filtration.

If you are on the go and need a portable filter, select the Combi water filter. This one comes with a pump, so you can fill up containers with clean water.

It removes bacteria, parasites and chemicals.

If you need something smaller that fits in your backpack or shirt pocket,

The Be Free water filter is the way to go. Easy filter cleaning. Removes bacteria and parasites.

The collapsible flask packs small to fit into tight spaces such as running shorts, cycling jerseys, paddling or fishing vests.

Be Prepared for anything.

We are here to help.

The Survival Center Farm and Prepper Team

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