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After The Earthquake

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After The Earthquake 


An Earthquake has occurred and you made it safely out of the building and were able to access your Deluxe 72 hour kit.

Phew, good for you!

In this kit You have enough water and food for the next 3 days, ways to start a fire, rain gear and an emergency blanket. (Having extra warm blankets or sleeping bags in back up locations like your car or shelter is a good idea). With this kit you can even warm up the MRE's that come with it since the kit also contains a small stove and fuel to cook with and with the Canteen (water bottle) you could go to a stream or river and add the water purification tablets and make safe drinking water available to you for several more days.

Looking at the building, you assess it may not be safe to go back in to live there, but maybe access some essentials you had stored there. The kit comes with work gloves to protect your hands, while removing debris.  Aftershocks are expected after bigger earthquakes. (The recent 7.8 Earthquake in Ecuador had over 200 aftershocks and several in the range of 5.0 and above)

Remember, After Shocks!

What can you do?

Is your vehicle still intact and can you sleep in it?

Do you have a tent or a bivy and a place to set one up away from buildings or trees, that might topple over in the next aftershock?

If you have a tarp, you can use the Paracord that comes with the kit and build at least a “lean-to” to provide shelter in case you do not have a tent or an intact vehicle.

For warmer climates having a Mosquito net on hand, may be a good idea.

Did you have some extra food stored?

Maybe some canned soup, veggies and beans. Or some Freeze Dried Food, where all you have to do is bring water to a boil, add it to the food and stir to have a complete yummy meal.

This could have been as simple as a Grab and Go 2-week supply Portable Food Pantry.

Kits - check out these emergency Kits linked Here.

Had You added a portable water filter, you could purify water up to a million gallons,

With the Water Filter Bottle.

Did you put aside some extra cash for an emergency in a safe place?

You may not be able to pay with a credit card, when the power is out, due to damage to the power grid in a larger area. In this case Cash Is Still King.

It might take several weeks, if not months, to clean up after a disas ter and rebuild the area that was damaged.

The more you are prepared the less you would depend on others or the government to take care of you.

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