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10 days of Darkness?

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Rumors abound these days and one of them is that there could be a potential "10 days of Darkness", as early as this April, what ever that means.

Could mean the power grid goes down, or the internet, or your cell phone or whatever.

No matter the rumors going around, it is always a good idea to be prepared for what ever may come our way. Just like now, who would have thunk a virus would be causing so much turmoil?

While this has always been in our preparedness plans, and we were prepared for it, it was not 0n the Top of our list. So, are we prepared if the power goes out or some version of "darkness"?

You bet, not only are we stocked up on food and water along with medical supplies, (and toilet paper) we also have alternative shelter, like tents, campers etc. If the actual power/grid does go down for awhile, what do we suggest for you to be ready?

1. We suggest if possible a back up generators to run the necessary equipment you may want to run like perhaps the fridge until you can eat things up before they spoil, or maybe the freezer if you have one. A small generator (1-2kw) will run a medium to small freezer. We already have experience doing that. Even helped the neighbor keep their freezer going, because, you do not have to run it all the time, just once in a 24 hour period and don't open it much.

2. Store gas for that generator plus oil for the engine and accessories like an extra spark plug etc. Pri G to preserve the gas for extended periods of time.

3. Backup Lighting: Candles - 6.5 day candles. yes, that is a reality and you can see them here. Believe it or not, they will actually burn

for 6 1/2 days straight. We use them every winter in our pump house to keep the pipes for freezing. Details Here.

Also consider flashlights with extra batteries. If needed, could you cook outside over a camp type fire and do you have the necessary items to make that happen like wood, matches, and other fuel sources.

A propane grill would work, do you have extra propane.

How about an Aladdin Lamp?

They run on lamp oil or kerosene, which is easy to store.

The light is a bright as a 60 watt bulb.

Details Here

Something is up. President Trump just activated 1 million military reservists

PREPARE FOR WAR: Trump activates one million military reservists as nation prepares for mass combat casualties. Link Here

If you thought this was just about a pandemic, think again: President Trump just activated one million military reservists who have battlefield medicine experience. That's not something you do just to deal with "the flu."

On top of that, the Pentagon just ordered its high-level military commanders into a 2000-foot deep, nuclear warhead-proof bunker complex in Colorado. It was built to survive a nuclear exchange.

You don't send your military commanders into a deep mountain bunker just to fight a virus. Something else is afoot, and it looks like the Pentagon is planning to defend America against an expected attack by a foreign power. Guess which one?

Be Safe and Prepared for whatever May come your way.

The Survival Center Farm and Prepper Team

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