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​ Procrastinators No More- Let's DO IT! Part 2

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Procrastinators - Part 2

Are you aware that food prices keep going up?

If you didn't notice, it's maybe because it is happening in stealth mode. What?

Yes, sometimes the price stays the same but the package is getting smaller or lighter.

How can you protect yourself against inflation?

One way is investing in Long Term Storage Food. You won't have to use it in a year because of some expiration date and while prices keep going up your investment increases in value also. You could use it when you need it or use it for barter if you have an abundance and it will still be good 10-30 years down the road depending on what kind of food you buy. Mountain House just went with 30 years and we think we may have some that old.

Check out our Grains and Beans page. Simple food with long life.

Back to our Learn Valuable Skills series instead of just acquiring How-To books.

If you grow your own veggies and have more than you can eat a good way to put it up for the future is Canning. Yes learn how to can and do it. You could be eating Green Beans, Corn, Peas, Homemade soups and stews all winter long and wouldn't have to buy commercially grown stuff, that may or may not be safe to eat.

If you have your own Fruit trees, make applesauce, can apple slices or pears or peaches. They go so good on pancakes made from your own fresh ground wheat stored in buckets.

Free Food!  Do you know a neighbor who has fruit trees and never picks all the fruit which has fallen down?

Ask them if you could pick them! We even have a few trees in the area that are along a road that most anyone could get for free.

Got Blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries? Make berry jam or freeze them for future use in recipes, smoothies or just as they are.

Too many Zucchini? Slice them and dry them in your dehydrator for use later in soups and stews.

Shred them so you could use them later in gluten free Zucchini crusted pizza, or other creations.

Just do it! It is fun and yummy.

So, remember to think and plan ahead for a future that you and your loved ones want. Avoid leaving your future in others hands. Become pro-active in creating better for you and your family. Being as self-sufficient as possible is real peace of mind.

We have been helping people prepare since the 1970's and have a wealth of knowledge and experience to assist you in your preparedness. Please feel free to call us. 1-800-321-2900 Mon-Thur 10-6 PT.

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