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Wildfires- Smoke and your lungs

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Wild fires have been raging in Washington State for a while now and some keep growing.

How You Can Help Link Here.

Even Civilians are being asked to volunteer and help put the fires out.

We haven't had as much rain as we usually do and changing wind patterns aren't making it easy to contain the fires.

Air quality is getting worse, especially for those who are sensitive, like people with Asthma or other lung conditions.

One way to protect your lungs is wearing Respirators like the N-95 or N-100. Both come in different sizes.

They need to be tight fitting masks to be effective and the ones mentioned are just that.

The N-95 with valve makes it a lot more comfortable for longer wearing time, because what is exhaled, can escape straight out the valve with less effort and keeping you cooler and the air that is inhaled will get filtered protecting your lungs.

To be most effective, facial hair should be removed for a tight seal against the skin.

(Sorry guys but the beard needs to come off, at least for a little while until the air is better again).

Call us Toll Free 1-800-321-2900  to help you prepare.

In many areas the fire has been so close to homes that evacuation was the only option.

Would you have the basics ready to go in case you needed to?

See the check list here


We are inviting you to join us in a focused effort to bring much needed rain to Washington State but let’s also help our neighbors to the south, Oregon and California.

Time to do our Rain Dance again, however you would do one or what ever you would do to bring on the Rain.

Focus on it, Feel it on your skin, pray for it etc.

We are looking for 2-4 inches of gentle nourishing rain over a 3-5 day period.

Start now and go until it rains.

A happy tune to sing and remind us of our focus is

I am singing in the rain



Get Ready! Be Safe!