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Waking Up

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If you just “woke up” and realized that you should do something to prepare, for:

An earthquake because you live on the west coast, and scientists are predicting the big one any day now.

Tornadoes- they seem to appear more and more in unusual places.

Contaminated Drinking water- when even the EPA is doing the opposite of what it's supposed to do

and is now responsible for dumping over 3 million gallons of toxic heavy metal containing water in a river that will affect several states and no way of stopping it from flowing downstream!

Toxic Algae blooms, i.e. in the great lakes, which make it unfit for bathing or drinking.

Food Shortages, because many areas, where most of the food is growing for America is either drying up, being consumed by wildfires or devastated by torrential rain and flooding.

Then here is a way to start prepping:

The first thing everyone should have is a 3-Day Kit, aka 72- hour kit or Get Home or Bug- Out or Evacuation kit.

You can call it whatever you want, but it needs to have everything in it so you could survive 3 days, if you didn't have anything else.

3 Days of food- this could be a combination of MRE's ( Meals Ready To Eat), Granola bars, dried fruit, nuts, Light weight Freeze Dried food pouches, Emergency Food Ration Bars etc.

3 Days of Water- Water bottles or water pouches. Plus water purification tablets or filter to be able to provide more if a water source is available. ( river, lake, stream, etc.)

Something to start a fire- Water/ Stormproof matches, Lighter, Candles, Fuel Tablets , Magnesium Firestarter, Fire striker, dry tinder ( saved up dryer lint, cotton balls ) would be great to have.

Rain Gear- Emergency Poncho, got to stay dry to prevent hypothermia

Emergency Blanket- Retains 85% of a persons body heat.

First Aid Kit- You should always have one in reach, in your car, kit and at home.

Knife or Multitool- This can assist with building a shelter, food procurement etc.

Work Gloves- helps protect your hands, if you have to dig through debris, keeps hands warmer

Paracord or some Cordage- This is not an essential item but it certainly helps to tie up a tarp or plastic cover for an emergency shelter.

This is the minimum every person should have on hand from there you can add Longterm storage foods to extend your self- sufficiency to 2 weeks, 6 months or years into the future.


Check out our complete Emergency Kits and don't forget to send some with your kids to school.

What if your kids had to spend the night at school, because of an emergency? Would they have everything they need?

Plan ahead! Be prepared! Take care of yourself and be well!