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Preparedness With A Plan

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Preparedness with A Plan

Greetings from Preparedness Headquarters at The Survival Center

Just like the recent large earthquake in Chile, then Pakistan and the floods in the Carolina's  showed us, preparedness with a plan really helped to save lives.

In Chile they had a plan in place and evacuated approx. 1 Million people away from the coast and a potential incoming tsunami.

Preparedness just makes sense. 

It can be as simple as an emergency kit in a backpack, an Evacuation Kit containing 2 weeks of food, water purification system and even a tent as a back up shelter up  to a full scale plan to be self-sufficient for months or years at a time.

All that is needed is a willingness to see that there is a trend of increasing weather extremes,  increased earthquake activity and strength, whether man- made ( i.e. Fracking), or influenced by sun activity like solar storms, CME's or Coronal Hole streams.

Yes our weather is influenced by the sun and there is scientific proof.

One source we recommend is Suspicious Observers.org, you can watch their daily videos on the sun and it's activity here.

So, what can you do about it? 

You prepare and start thinking of what you are using daily in your life, from water, food, soap, toilet paper to band aids and Vitamins or Medicine.

Start with the essentials and buy some extra and put it aside in your pantry as the budget allows.

Fill up food grade containers with water and store them in a cool and dark place. Get a water filter. Clean water is ESSENTIAL. Find more info on water filters in one of our previous blogs.

Stock up on extra medical and First aid supplies, Get a First aid Kit, or add more things like NON- Stick pads, to the ones you already have. These are really handy for bigger wounds and get several of them, since you would need to change the bandages daily not just once, since bigger wounds take usually several days to heal.

In a major disaster like a big earthquake, hospitals, will be inundated with patients and may run out quickly of necessary items from sutures to catheter's and other sterile equipment. One way to make sure it is available to you or your loved ones in an emergency is the Suture Syringe Medic Kit.

Many of our customers take one along when traveling to other countries, where they are not sure how well the medical system would be able to take care of them should the need arise.

Being Prepared is smart!

See ya on the next blog post.