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Invitation to Create a Better World.

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If you could create a new society, a new world, where there is no debt, no taxes, no fiat money, actually no money needed to get the essentials, like food, water, housing, etc.

How do you think it could work?

Let's say you need to build a house.

In Amish communities, the whole neighborhood comes together, bringing their tools, hammer, nails and all work together to build it and when a neighbor needs something built, you and the rest of the community go over there to build it.

Sounds simple.

What about the lumber? Where does it come from?

Maybe The community created an area, where trees are grown for renewable sources of wood, which is used by this community.

Fields for farming are reserved for the community to grow staples like corn, wheat, vegetables etc. in addition most community members have their own garden plot, where they grow as much as they can. Food abundance is shared with neighbors or put- up for the future ( canning, drying, freezing etc.)

If you produce something I don't have but want, we could barter for something I do have.

A rabbit for some honey and eggs for example.

But what about building and maintaining roads and infrastructure for all to use. What about hospitals, medical supplies, fabrics etc. Things you may not be able to make or do yourself and which would take manufacturing to make it accessible. How could that be supported without creating debt again?

No we are not talking about a communist, fascist or socialist world. A few at the top controlling and enslaving the rest. Those systems don't work. They create slaves not freedom.

But More like a republic, with equal rights for everyone, education to create free creative thinking people, teaching Life skills for sovereignty and independence, encouraging making known the unknown to evolve humanity. Property rights, where you can do what you want with it, unless it is endangering your neighbors or community.

Send us ideas. Use that creative mind of yours and envision a better world, where Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are actually really protected.

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We'd love to hear from you!

To Freedom!

PS: In the meantime, until we reach this kind of world, Learn how to make a difference and apply your civic authority.

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