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Garage Sales, Estate Sales, Yard Sales.... Treasures to be found

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Hi Folks,

As the weather changes to cooler temps, you will see more signs for garage sales posted on weekends.

You might want to check them out, you would be surprised what useful items can be found.

If you are on a budget and need garden tools, like a rake, shovel, hoe etc. you may find them there.

We were able to find tools in good condition for a buck or two. And you can't have too many hand tools, if you depend on them.

There is a saying around here that goes like this:

If you have one, you have none

If you have two, you have one

What is meant by this is that, if you have only one and it breaks, i.e. the wooden handle splits in two, because you were digging up just too darn many rocks and you have nothing to fix it with, then you won't have a digging tool anymore.

It's good to have a backup for most everything that could brake or fail and Garage Sales are an inexpensive way to get at least some of those items.

When the power goes out and you may not be able to recharge your power drill, look for what is called a Brace and Bit.

It is a hand powered drill and the fitting drill bits for it. It will take a lot longer to drill holes, but at least you can drill a hole, when needed.


More things to look for:

  • Dehydrators
  • Canning Jars
  • Clothes- You can save a lot of money by stocking up on clothes for children or for yourself .
  • Shoes- Since children are growing fast and sometimes outgrow a shoe size in less than a month, you may find brand new looking shoes for them at super low prices.

This might be a fun family outing too.

Have fun on the treasure hunt!