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Egg Sucking Chicken Killers

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Life on the farm sometimes requires us to take action not normal in our daily life, at least as we would like to see it.

Possums, raccoon's, coyotes, dogs, birds of prey, wolves etc. are a few of the predators one may have to deal with to keep your live stock safe and productive.

The smaller animals, chickens and ducks, are some of the ones we care for here in rural areas of the Pacific Northwest.

Raccoons and possums think your chickens/ducks are their Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet and have no problems going after them to kill and eat.

How do we solve this problem?

1.Good fences are a must. Being able to lock your critters away at night is a big plus. (most of this happens after dark) Raccoon's and possums will climb up fences and walls to get to their supper. See picture to the right.

2.During the day light hours, keeping an eye and ear alert to the normal background sound of your animals may alert you to potential danger.

Hawks and Eagles will fly right into your chicken yard (unless you do have it completely fenced around and above) and carry off their afternoon snack - your duck or chicken. If your critter is too big for them to carry off, they will snack on it there in the yard.

Keep alert and aware. The other chickens will normally make a fuss so you know something is going on. If there are Crows in the area, a Hawk or Eagle sends them ballistic. Listen for it. (hold on a minute, I hear a bunch of crows out side now - I will be right back - - - - Holy Cow Batman! there must have been at least 50 of them all over the chicken yard and in the trees. After scanning the area for a Hawk or an Eagle I concluded they were just helping themselves to the sweet corn cobs the chickens and ducks were eating. Phew! Here I sit writing about it and it happens. Now is that scary or what!!) 

Normally just appearing near the yard and yelling will drive them away. And I just did that and it worked. If not go to plan B.

Plan B.

Shooting a predator is one way to deal with it, however, this brings on additional danger. A rifle slug may travel further than you realize and can go through thin walled chicken coops. A shotgun is usually too big, noisy and messy.

A shotgun going off in the middle of the night will definitely wake the neighbors. Be extremely cautious here.

We prefer either a BB gun or a shovel. A big heavy garden shovel will quickly do the trick and then you already have the shovel in hand to dispose of the critter. 6-8 inches of dirt usually works.

Note: Some predator birds may be protected, because they are on the endangered or threatened species list and are not allowed to be hunted, so a warning shot or banging pots would be the best option.

Live trapping and relocating is also an option.

Here are some chickens and ducks feasting on fresh garden veggies.

Raccoon can be eaten and you would skin them something like a rabbit. Guess what they taste like?

Wait for it ............


Go figure. ha!

Raccoons need a little explaining here in regards to the shovel trick. Using a shovel is getting a little too close to a raccoon especially if it is an adult. I prefer the long distance method. 

This post will be continued at a later date so we can get some photos of a raccoon and additional information. As the saying goes - Stay Tuned.


The Survival Center Crew.